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“Mr Libeskind is undoubtedly one of the world’s foremost architects and it is also true that Prague has yet to be marked by his professional genius. For me, as the Mayor of Prague, this is a challenge. It is a project that features unique details never before seen anywhere else in the world. It is a chance to confront the old, the new, the past and the future. If this project can be seen through to completion, it will represent a major contribution to architecture in Prague’s historical centre. For this reason I think it would be simply impossible for the City of Prague not to be a part of a debate, discourse and search for the optimal form. I can promise that Prague will unquestionably be one of the main participants.”

Dr. PAVEL BÉM, Mayor of the City of Prague, at a meeting with Daniel Libeskind


Exceptional cultural buildings designed by exceptional architects are exhibits in and of themselves that invite the public, who often has no idea what the exhibition contains, to come for a look. In recent years this phenomenon has been described as the “Bilbao effect”. The unusual museum in Bilbao by architect Frank Gehry, which attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year, has fundamentally changed life in the Spanish city.
The exceptional “Dalineum Palace of Art” by architect Daniel Libeskind belongs in the same category. Prague should not squander the chance to expand its exceptional architectural and cultural foundations and add this timeless work of international stature.

MIREK TOPOLÁNEK, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and Chairman of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS)


Modern architecture in our city is connected with cultural functions – what more could a city wish for from a private investor. This fantastic project has our full support. Prague’s palaces have their own histories, and they are not only historical palaces. Palaces are being built again in Prague. The modern Dalineum palace of art can be proof of this!

JAN BÜRGERMEISTER, Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic and former Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague


Only great men set great goals. The Dalineum will represent the synergies of the imagination of a great artist, the spirit of a great architect and the tenacity of the project initiator. When it is sensitively situated into the genius loci of our city, the magic of the City of a Hundred Spires will be enriched with another fantastic dimension. As a connecting line between its rich history, inspiring present and modern future, the Mother of Cities and our entire country certainly deserves it.

PETR BRATSKÝ, Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic and member of the Committee for Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport


The project for a bold and elegant building with the programme that has been proposed can bring a new dimension to the cultural map of Prague and Central Europe, especially if the right location connected to Prague’s architectural history and present can be found. The objective to build a palace of art that will allow art lovers to enjoy new experiences deserves to be elaborated in more detail and an optimal design found in a broad discourse among professionals and the public.

JIŘÍ PAROUBEK, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (2005 – 2006)


Sir, I affirm receipt of your information about the prepared DALÍ HOUSE PRAGUE project in the Czech capital of Prague, welcome this private initiative and inform you that if this project is brought to fruition, I will give honourable patronage to its implementation.

PAVEL DOSTÁL (1943 – 2005), Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic (2002 – 2005)


It was my pleasure to study the enormously courageous and unique “Dalineum Palace of Art” project. I believe that the palace will provide the City of Prague and our entire country with a new, exceptional and prominent landmark that will become a part of 21st century Prague and be another natural centre for cultural events.

VÍTĚZSLAV JANDÁK, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic (2005 – 2006) 


It is my pleasure to welcome information about Miro Gallery’s new “Dalineum Palace of Art” project, which Prague, as a major centre of culture in Europe, certainly deserves. I welcome your initiative not only because Prague has been lacking a concept such as this for a centre of culture and art, but also because it will become a major tourist attraction. I support this idea very much and wish you much success implementing the project.

RADKO MARTÍNEK, Minister of Regional Development of the Czech Republic (2005 – 2006)


Architect Libeskind’s design is a work of art. And as such it must be treated sensitively –  a site must be found where it will sparkle like a jewel and not seem like a crooked mirror. I believe that in the end, a place will be found for it in Prague. The building must be situated in the context of the city, though.

VLADIMÍR VIHAN, Mayor of the Prague 1 Municipal District (2002 – 2006)


 We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.
This quote from Shakespeare occurred to me when I became acquainted with Libeskind’s Palace of Art project for Prague. I am 100% convinced that implementing this idea will significantly contribute to further popularizing Prague and the cultural potential of the spirit of the Czech nation worldwide. Good luck!

Mgr. MILOŠ JARO, Diplomat, Director of the Czech House in Moscow


Mr Smolák, you are undertaking a great work that is important for the entire Czech nation and you have my full support.



I am definitely in favour of implementing the “Dalineum Palace of Art” project that will represent a major architectural enhancement for Prague, if not only due to the fact that not all buildings erected over the past fifty years have always represented a contribution for historical Prague in terms of urban planning and design. I wish you much success from the preparatory phase and all the way through to the completion of the entire project.

JAROSLAV VOCELKA, Director of the Prague State Opera


My words are – hats off to you. It is a fantastic building that certainly belongs in Prague. It is bold in the Czech context and unique in the international context. I wish you much success (and I believe it will also find a nice Czech name)!

JIŘÍ JANEČEK, Director General, Czech Television


“The unstinting audacity of the project takes my breath away … I wish your courage and vision are fulfilled!”
Admiringly yours, Jiří Bělohlávek

JIŘÍ BĚLOHLÁVEK, Founder and Chief Conductor of the Prague Chamber Philharmonic and Chief Conductor of the BBC Symphonic Orchestra


The “Dalineum Palace of Art” project will represent the further enhancement of historical Prague and in time, its construction with architect Daniel Libeskind will certainly be viewed as an act comparable to the contributions of Peter Parler and Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer to the panorama of Prague, the Mother of Cities. If, of course, it is located on the embankment at the corner with Revoluční Street!

FRANTIŠEK DVOŘÁK, Professor, Charles University in Prague


Fantastic building! As the cultural centre of Central Europe, Prague is deserving of this project. I absolutely support it.



Miro, I enthusiastically support this fantastic project to construct a new Palace of Art in Prague. This world-class building will undoubtedly be instrumental to our nation having a new dimension for communication and becoming connected with the world.

BLANKA MATRAGI, Fashion Designer


If all goes well, the Dalineum palace could not only be an excellent architectural addition to Prague, but also an important intellectual centre.

VÁCLAV HAVEL, Former President of the Czech Republic and playwright


A remarkable idea whose implementation belongs to the 21st century. It serves the memory of generations past, but it also offers space for the creative potential of future generations. I believe in bringing the project to fruition.

JIŘÍ SRNEC, Founder of Black Theatre


Many look at the project and tap their foreheads, others shrug it off, and still others throw in a few slurs – but a man with the spirit of a dreamer unwaveringly continues forward so that Prague, so that all of us – even those who mock it – may once again be proud of something exceptional. The Dalineum is a path where one’s character becomes clear. And at the end stands a temple that will host those who still consider art and culture to be the most important part of people’s lives. If only there were more dreamers like him! Thank you, Dr Smolák!

ILJA ŠMÍD, Director, Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK


As it has become our “national sport”, this project will be very controversial. Despite all the doubters and damners, though, it will go through. I am convinced it is excellent and most of all, necessary. I wish you strong nerves. I know you’ve got the energy!

KAREL KOBOSIL, Designer, Director of the Czech Design Centre


It was my pleasure to learn that based on your private initiative, a building by a major international architect that will solely serve cultural purposes will be erected in Prague. If I am to express my opinion about the Dalineum Palace of Art, I think the architect “made” a quadrature of a circle. Daniel Libeskind’s building has a big chance of becoming the “mandala” on the mental map of the city. If my expectations are fulfilled and the building will be optimally integrated into the city’s urban design, a cultivated centre that is open to numerous art activities will arise within the historical urban complex.

JAN KNĚŽÍNEK, Director, Department of Landmark Preservation, Municipality of the City of Prague


Miro, your idea to also gather moving pictures in a temple of art charmed and pleased me very much. For over a hundred years now, cinematic and painted pictures have influenced and inspired one another. Salvador Dalí, whom your palace is named after, created several Surrealist films (such as An Andalusian Dog and The Golden Age) which allowed poetry and the painter’s view of the world to also penetrate into film. … After years of rivalry and interaction, placing film alongside masters of fine art in the Dalineum is an exceptional endeavour.

JURAJ JAKUBISKO, Film director


We need art to live just as we need air. And there will be plenty at the Dalineum palace, a project I unequivocally support. Mr Smolák, I believe that your boldness and vision and Daniel Libeskind’s fantasy will touch each and every one of us like an open hand. It will also touch those who are just now being born, as the future is always a picture of the present.



Miro, congratulations on your idea and on the project to build the “Dalineum Palace of Art” – it is an absolutely perfect idea for Czech culture. I like that in addition to visual art, you are also thinking about music – building a concert and opera hall. It is a huge opportunity for current and future generations in Czech art. It is with great admiration that I support this project.

Kammersängerin GABRIELA BEŇAČKOVÁ, Opera singer


Mr Smolák, the grand scale of the project and its architectural beauty take my breath away. For Prague, for all of us, and for you personally I very much wish that this beautiful idea soon becomes reality.

PETR POLÍVKA, Former director, Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK


If the largest private collection of Salvador Dalí’s work really will move to Prague and be placed in architect Daniel Libeskind’s palace, we will gain another attractive cultural landmark of world stature. I am certain that Prague can afford such a futuristic project as a counterbalance to its multiple historical architectural treasures.



Mr Smolák, congratulations on this wonderful idea, but also – and especially – I wish you much luck and strong nerves in realizing this beautiful project. I have plenty of experience with this myself, as you have certainly seen in the newspapers… But I also know that when a person really wants something and embarks on a project with courage and all their effort, the angels will help him and he must win. I have also got some experience with that…
I congratulate you on your courage to embark on a project that, while beautiful, will certainly be difficult. And all the more I honestly and wholeheartedly wish you will not be disappointed and we will be able to look forward to another museum that will undoubtedly become the pride of our beautiful Prague.

MEDA MLÁDKOVÁ, Founder, Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation and Museum Kampa


Mr Smolák, it is my joy to support your project to build the Dalineum in Prague as it promises to enrich our magical city with another architectural artefact, moreover from an exceptional artist, Daniel Libeskind. I also support placing the building on the embankment at the corner of Revoluční Street, as the city lacks a dominant landmark in that direction.

DANIEL DVOŘÁK, Former director of the National Theatre (2002 – 2006) in Prague and Director of the National Theatre in Brno


Every beautiful and cultural city has its dominant landmarks, art and cultural venues that make them world-class cities. The Dalineum and its permanent exhibition of Salvador Dalí and Czech Surrealism are a huge challenge and an opportunity for Prague, which would thus gain another jewel to add to its beauty and inimitability. Dr Smolák, I wish you much success and strength.



Dr Smolák, I admire your effort and determination with which you have embarked on a project to construct a new museum in Prague’s Old Town. As an architect I would like to recommend that you locate the building designed by Daniel Libeskind next to the motorway at the site of the demolished Těšnov Train Station, which was said to be the most beautiful train station in Central Europe. Perhaps Prague may finally heal this “wound” and moreover, the scale of the surrounding buildings is more favourable for your project. I hereby express my personal support for you.

OLEG HAMAN, Chairman, Czech Chamber of Architects


Architectural projects often develop modern man’s fantasy to satisfy the needs of those who are just being born. As a result, they are a testament to the time they were built and the abilities of that society. My wish for this courageous project is that people will make it their own – make it a part of the development and history of Prague.

VOJTĚCH FILIP, Chairman, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM)


This is undoubtedly a magnificent project that can not only enhance the appearance of our capital, but also, given the intended use of the project, enhance the intellectual life of the entire country. Few new buildings have had a chance to be on equal standing with the architectural pearls that have already been erected. Architect Daniel Libeskind’s Palace of Art has just this chance.

JAN BŘEZINA, Member of European Parliament


The union of the names Dalí and Libeskind represents the creation of a new gem, in my opinion. I would be enormously thankful, happy and proud if the home of this gem would truly be Prague, a magical city of Dali-like surrealist mysticism and architectural mastery that the city thankfully hosts. I have one hope for this project: that Prague parochialism, fearing grandiosity and worldwide repute, not emerge victorious (as has happened many times in history) and the Dalineum will be completed.

MARTIN ŠTĚPÁNEK, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic (2005 – 2006)


Prague is the Mother of Cities, a historical jewel carrying traces of the recent past and present… a former royal and imperial city. We must wholeheartedly thank Dr. Smolák, who is trying to give Prague an architectural treasure – a temple of art, the “Dalineum Palace” by the world’s leading architect, a native of Poland, Daniel Libeskind. Prague immensely deserves this gigantic artistic intellectual dimension.

JAN HAJDA, Chairman, František Kupka Association of Czech Graphic Artists