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MARTIN GERBOC (*1971) is an artist living and working in Slovakia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. As a student he had the opportunity to travel abroad, where he attended two art residencies in Denmark and the United States. In his latest work he draws on Francisco Goya’s morbid paintings and from 1930s German Fascism. He attempts to depict atrocities, but shifts them to a different context than Goya had earlier. These sado-masochist tendencies are now understood as a type of pleasure. At the same time, the artist’s work reflects several concurrent phenomena. In  2005, he held his first solo exhibition in the Gallery of Critics in Prague.



Martin Gerboc (*1971)

St. Sebastian, 2006/07

drawing, acrylic, author’s technique, paper on canvas

95 x 65 cm

Price on request