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Status of MIRO Gallery Club

1. MIRO Gallery Club is a free association of friends and backers of art and MIRO Gallery.
2. MIRO Gallery Club has been established in order to spread the distribution of MIRO Picture Voucher, to be able to increase our support of humanitarian and cultural efforts in the Czech Republic.
3. MIRO Gallery Club in the Czech Republic and the advantages for its members are under the auspices of MIRO Gallery in the Church of St Rochus. The Gallery is run by MIRO, L.P., Seydlerova 2451, 158 00 Prague 5, IN 49709216, and VAT ID CZ49709216. MIRO, L. P. is registered in the Municipal Court in Prague, section A, insert 8870, day of registration: March 31, 1994.
4. Everyone who fills in the application form, sends it to the address of MIRO Gallery and pays the annual contribution becomes a member of MIRO Gallery Club.
5. MIRO Gallery publicly signs up to provide every member, in four weeks at the latest after paying the member fee, with the following:

• PICTURE VOUCHER for 690 Czech Crowns enabling the member to choose for free one of 40 picture reproductions. The chosen reproduction will be sent by MIRO Gallery to the member by post, postage will be paid for. By using the voucher, each member contributes along with MIRO Gallery to humanitarian purposes with the amount of 10 Czech Crowns. Since the establishment of the MIRO picture voucher, MIRO Gallery has contributed 1 500 000 to humanitarian purposes.

• A special 20% discount card to restaurant “KLASTERNI PIVOVAR” (“Monastery Brewery”) very near MIRO Gallery in the Church of St Rochus on the premises of the Monastery. The holder of the card can, including their company without number limit of persons, any time use the 20% discount from meal and drink prices without any limitation.

• A CERTIFICATE of membership in MIRO Gallery Club

• A membership card with a membership number providing the holder with:

– FREE ENTRANCE to all the exhibitions in MIRO Gallery for a year – zposted invitation cards for exhibition openings

– 30% discount for purchase of other picture vouchers, book publications, video cassettes and CDs issued by MIRO Gallery

– 30% discount for participation fee by MIROTON – RUNNING FOR ART – on producing the club card marked by logos of MIRO and SPHERE CARD you receive discount from 5 to 50 % in wide spectre of fields. The card offers more than 10.000 possibilities of use in all parts of the Czech and the Slovak republic. The shops are marked by stickers with the logo SPHERE CARD. Addresses of all the shops are listed on www.sphere.cz

6. The annual contribution of 1 000,- Kč confirms the membership and its advantages listed above for one year.
7. Membership in MIRO Gallery Club is not extended automatically for following years, but only after sending the member fee to the MIRO Gallery account. Current members of the club do not fill in the application form. Papers needed for covering the fee and the list of membership advantages for the following year will be sent in advance by MIRO Gallery. The validity of the membership card of current members is automatically extended after covering the contribution for the following year.
In Prague on 1st January 2018
The application form for future members of MIRO Gallery Club is to be found here.