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TIM BEEBY (*1961) is a contemporary British artist who has been living in Germany since 1992. The artist has developed a concept in which photography plays a critical role. Unlike traditional photorealism in which the artist paints exact copies of photographs, Beeby creates three-dimensional collages from sections of photographs. His work depicts the environment he lives in, reflecting the artist’s experiences, ideas, friends and places he frequents. Using experimental composition, Beeby creates a “new world” of various photographs – with no regard for homogeneity of place and time. His inspiration for creating the famous work “The Rolling Stones Leaving Hotel Arosa” was the legendary group’s first concert in Germany, held in Essen on 12 September 1965, and the film “Performance”. A poster for the film can be seen in the hotel window.



Tim Beeby (*1961)

The Rolling Stones Leaving Hotel Arosa,

Essen, 12. September 1965, 2007

Oil on canvas

135 x 185 cm

Price on request