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EMANUEL RANNÝ (*1943) spent his school years at the School of Artistic Crafts in Brno. He is interested in graphic works, mainly the dry needle technique and coloured lithography. His aesthetics works with the light and dynamic shapes, his motives are inspired by the Bohemian – Moravian Highland. He is very close ­to the Middle East calligraphy in concise shapes and plasticity. His lithographies are characteristic for their colours and radiating light. Ranný found new inspiration in Dalmatia in 1980. The Poché in graphics and drawing has the character of strange meditation. His works can be found in the National Gallery Prague, Baye ­Staatsbibliothek in Munich, the Art Gallery BWA in Lodz, or in the Prefectural Gallery in Kanagawa, Japan.




















Emanuel Ranný (*1943)


Dry point

100 x 70 cm

Price on request